Ontario‚Äôs 42nd Parliament, 1st Session: Midnight Sessions

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Well that’s weird. Remember when I said that the House stood adjourned until Wednesday, September 19?

Remember when Mr. Stephen Lecce, the Deputy Government House Leader said it?

Remember when Acting Speaker Ms Jennifer K. French said it?

Well, apparently we were all wrong? Because the House had an afternoon session on Saturday September 15, and had a midnight session this morning, Monday, September 17 which will continue through the day today.

The Saturday session was a so-called “emergency session” inasmuch as it was called abruptly and against the stated calendar. There were a couple of points of order raised by the Opposition House Leader (on Standing Order 23 that maybe the House shouldn’t debate something currently before the courts, and on Standing Order 52 that a second Bill shouldn’t be proposed in the same Session if it is concerning the same subject matter as a previous Bill in that Session), and the Speaker said they’d take a look at it and make a decision later.

The house then adjourned until 1030 on Monday the 17th.

And at 12:01am the 17th, the House met again. Stop messing with my schedule, dagnabbit!

( The Speaker ruled that neither Standing Order 23 nor 52 apply in this case so debate about Bill 31 can proceed while Bill 5 is appealed in the courts (SO 23g), and Bill 31 isn’t out of order because it is sufficiently different from Bill 5 (SO 52). )

I’m getting a little frustrated. It is hard to be engaged in the process when they keep playing with the schedule.