Seven-Year Moziversary

Seven years ago today I began working at Mozilla.

What have I been up to this year? Not blogging, that’s for sure. I’m not sure if I can lay the entire blame of this at the feet of *gestures at everything*, but with the retirement of the This Week in Glean rotation, I’ve gone from infrequently blogging to never blogging.

Which is weird. I like doing it. It can be very fun. It isn’t usually too difficult. Seems like the intersection of all the things that would make it not only something I could do but something I want to do.

And yet. Here we are with barely a post to show for it. Alas.

If blogging is what I’ve not been doing, then what have I been not not doing? More Firefox on Glean stuff. Spent a lot of time and tears trying to get a proper Migration from Legacy Telemetry to Glean moving. Alas, it is not to be. However, we’ve crested over 100 Glean metrics being sent from Firefox Desktop, and the number isn’t going down… so 2022 has been the year of Glean on the Desktop, whether it was a flagship Platform Initiative or not.

In other news, we just got back from Hawaii where there was the first real All Hands in absolutely forever (since January 2020). It was stressful and weird and emotional and quite fun and necessary and I wanna have another one and I don’t want to have to fly so far for it and and and…

Predictions for the next year of Moz Work:

  • There’ll be another All Hands
  • Glean will continue to gain ground in Firefox Desktop
  • “FOG Migration” will not happen