Six-Year Moziversary

I’ve been working at Mozilla for six years today. Wow.

Okay, so what’s happened… I’ve been promoted to Staff Software Engineer. Georg and I’d been working on that before he left, and then, well *gestures at everything*. This means it doesn’t really _feel_ that different to be a Staff instead of a Senior since I’ve been operating at the latter level for over a year now, but the it’s nice that the title caught up. Next stop: well, actually, I think Staff’s a good place for now.

Firefox On Glean did indeed take my entire 2020 at work, and did complete on time and on budget. Glean is now available to be used in Firefox Desktop.

My efforts towards getting folks to actually _use_ Glean instead of Firefox Telemetry in Firefox Desktop have been mixed. The Background Update Task work went exceedingly well… but when there’s 2k pieces of instrumentation, you need project management and I’m trying my best. Now to “just” get buy-in from the powers that be.

I delivered a talk to Ubisoft (yeah, the video game folks) earlier this year. That was a blast and I’m low-key looking for another opportunity like it. If you know anyone who’d like me to talk their ears off about Data and Responsibility, do let me know.

Blogging’s still low-frequency. I rely on the This Week in Glean rotation to give me the kick to actually write long-form ideas down from time-to-time… but it’s infrequent. Look forward to an upcoming blog post about the Three Roles in Data Engagements.

Predictions for the future time:

  • There will be at least one Work Week planned if not executed by this time next year. Vaccines work.
  • Firefox Desktop will have at least started migrating its instrumentation to Glean.
  • I will still be spending a good chunk of my time coding, though I expect this trend of spending ever more time writing proposals and helping folks on chat will continue.

And that’s it for me for now.