Eulogy for a 13-Year-Old Display

goodbyeOldMonitorI was working for the Department of National Defence in Canada (specifically Defence Research and Development Canada) in early 2005 when I first plugged in my new xplio CM998 monitor. It was amazing.

Not only was it one of those new lightweight LCD monitors (I have since owned desks that weigh less), it supported resolutions up to 1280×1024 pixels natively and had both DVI and VGA ports!

It also generated enough heat in my basement apartment that I could notice it from across the room, but that was a plus in that cold Scarborough winter.

From there I moved it to an apartment. Another apartment. A home. And then another home. And then, finally, when I had stopped using it at home I started using it at work for Mozilla.

I liked its comfortable 5:4 aspect ratio, and the fact it wouldn’t wobble when I got up to get coffee.

On Friday it wouldn’t turn on. Well, it did turn on. Linux was assigning it desktop space, knew who it was and how big it was… but it wouldn’t display anything.

I would have liked to turn it off and on again, but the power switch hasn’t worked reliably since my daughter was born. So I did the next best thing and unplugged it and plugged it back in. It would display my Firefox wallpaper for just long enough for some capacitor to warm up or something, and then it would black out.

Nothing I could do would resuscitate it. No cable swaps, no buttons I could press, no whining or cajoling.

Here ends the 13-year service life of my venerable SXGA display.

Your service did not go unnoticed. Enjoy your recycling.


Blast from the Past: I filed a bug against Firefox 3.6.6

A screenshot of the old bugzilla duplicate finder UI with the text inside table cells not rendering at allOn June 30, 2010 I was:

  • Sleepy. My daughter had just been born a few months prior and was spending her time pooping, crying, and not sleeping (as babies do).
  • Busy. I was working at Research in Motion (it would be three years before it would be renamed BlackBerry) on the BlackBerry Browser for BlackBerry 6.0. It was a big shift for us since that release was the first one using WebKit instead of the in-house “mango” rendering engine written in BlackBerry-mobile-dialect Java.
  • Keen. Apparently I was filing a bug against Firefox 3.6.6?!

Yeah. I had completely forgotten about this. Apparently while reading my RSS feeds in Google Reader (that doesn’t make me old, does it?) taking in news from Dragonmount about the Wheel of Time (so I guess I’ve always been a nerd, then) the text would sometimes just fail to render. I even caught it happening on the old Bugzilla “possible duplicate finder” UI (see above).

The only reason I was reminded this exists was because I received bugmail on my personal email address when someone accidentally added and removed themselves from the Cc list.

Pretty sure this bug, being no longer reproducible, still in UNCONFIRMED state, and filed against a pre-rapid-release version Firefox is something I should close. Yeah, I’ll just go and do that.