Welcome to 3 Years Ago

I bus to work. I recently moved houses.

Combined this means I have dead time where I’d like to escape into fiction (rather than be faced with how poorly my bus is maintaining its schedule in this city of detours), but can’t find any of my books.

So I devoured the quite-excellent design podcast 99% Invisible on the recommendation of my ex-coworker Ron.

But then I ran out.

In a podcast frame of mind, and having a weather eye turned to the Internet for quite some years, I decided to see what all that Night Vale hootenanny had been about.

Oh man. Oh man oh man. It is good.

Well, I’m only four episodes in. And it’s a little uneven. I mean, Glow Cloud was cute and all, but Station Management was a bit overplayed.

But when it’s on, like the Pilot, it is Really On. Dog Park, Perfect Carlos, Hooded Figures, Angels… oh geez. So nice.

And now Episode 2’s Weather is my jam:

I only have about 70 episodes left, and then I’ll be subject to that specific and keen frustration (that I more commonly associate with book series and webcomics) where you’ve binged your way up-to-date on something and then have to actually wait for the creators to create more of it for you.

What a world.