To-Order Telemetry Dashboards: dashboard-generator

Say you’ve been glued to my posts about Firefox Telemetry. You became intrigued by the questions you could answer and ask using actual data from actual users, and considered writing your own website using the single-API telemetry-wrapper.

However, you aren’t a web developer. You don’t like JavaScript. Or you’re busy. Or you don’t like reading READMEs on GitHub.

This is where dashboard-generator can step in to help out. Simply visit the website and build-your-own dash to your exacting specifications:


Choose your channel, version, and metric. “-Latest-” will ensure that the generated dashboard will always use the latest version in the selected channel when you reload that page. Otherwise, you might find yourself always looking at GC_MS values from beta 39.

If you are only interested in clients reporting from a particular application, operating system, or with a certain E10s setting then make your choices in Filters.

If you want a histogram like’s “Histogram Dashboard” then make sure you select Histogram and then choose if you want the ends of the histogram trimmed, whether (and how sensibly) you want to compare clients across particular settings, and whether to sanitize the results so you only use data that is valid and has a lot of samples.

If you want an evolution plot like’s “Evolution Dashboard” then select Evolution. From there, choose whether to use the build date or submission date of samples, how many versions back from the selected one you would like to graph the values over, and whether to sanitize the results so you only use data that is valid and has a lot of samples.

Your choices made, click “Add to Dashboard”. Then choose again! And again!

Make a mistake? Don’t worry, you can remove rows using the ‘-‘ buttons.

Not sure what it’ll look like when you’re done? Hit ‘Generate Dashboard’ and you’ll get a preview in CodePen showing what it will look like and giving you an opportunity to fiddle with the HTML, CSS, and JS.


When you see something you like in the CodePen, hit ‘Save’ and it’ll give you a URL you can use to collaborate with others, and an option to ‘Export’ the whole site for when you want to self-host.

If you find any bugs or have any requests, please file an issue ticket here. I’ll be using it to write an E10s dashboard in the near term, and hope you’ll use it, too!